Authenticated Resource Locator


Many features in LimaCharlie require access to external resources, sometimes authenticated, provided by users.

Authenticted Resource Locators (ARNs) describe a way to specify access to a remote resource, supporting many methods, and including auth data, and all that within a single string.


The structure of an ARN is simple:

With authentication:


Without authentication:

  • methodName: the transport to use, one of http, https, gcs and github.
  • methodDest: the actual destination of the transport. A domain and path for HTTP(S) and a bucket name and path for GCS.
  • authType: how to authenticate, one of basic, bearer, token, gaia or otx.
  • authData: the auth data, like username:password for basic, or access token values. If the value is a complex structure, like a gaia JSON service key, it must be base64-encoded.


HTTP GET with Basic Auth: [https,,basic,myusername:mypassword]

Access using Authentication bearer: [https,,bearer,bfuihferhf8erh7ubhfey7g3y4bfurbfhrb]

Access using Authentication token: [https,,token,bfuihferhf8erh7ubhfey7g3y4bfurbfhrb]

Google Cloud Storage: [gcs,my-bucket-name/some-blob-prefix,gaia,base64(GCP_SERVICE_KEY)]

An OTX Pulse via the REST API: [https,,otx,9uhr438uhf4h4u9fj7f6the8h383v8jv4ccc1e263d37f29d034d]

Files in a Github repo's subdirectory using a Github Personal Access Token: [github,myGithubUserOrOrg/repoName/optional/subpath/to,token,f1eb898f20a0db07e88878aadfsdfdfsffdsdfadwq8f767a72218f2]

Github, unauthenticated at a specific branch: [github,refractionPOINT/sigma/some-sub-dir?ref=my-branch]

You can also omit the auth components to just describe a method: [https,]