Upgrading Sensors

Sensors are never upgraded without your consent. Upgrading sensors does not require the manual re-installation via installers.

LimaCharlie indicates to you when a newer version is available for upgrade on the Web Dashboard and Sensor Downloads page.

At all times we provide a Stable version and a Fallback version. When a new version of the sensor is available, it is made the new Stable.

The LimaCharlie Web UI (Sensor Download page) allows to upgrade or downgrade your sensors to Stable or Fallback at will.

When you click to upgrade or downgrade, the process begins automatically and over the next hour (or as sensors come online) they will be moved to the appropriate version.

When a sensor upgrades, it performs a soft restart of the sensor (not the host computer). This means the sensor may appear offline for a minute during that soft restart.

This process can also be put in motion using the /modules REST endpoint.