The Zeek service allows you to run Zeek on PCAP files in the Artifact Collection system. The resulting log files from Zeek are then re-ingested into the same system where they will be parsed as JSON and where D&R rules can be created to automate detection and response.

Common Trigger

Zeek is most commonly used as part of a D&R rule to automatically run on newly ingested PCAP files. This is an example of a rule that runs on all PCAPs:


op: exists
event: ingest
log type: pcap
path: /
target: artifact_event


- action: service request
  name: zeek
    action: run_on
    artifact_id: <<routing/log_id>>
    retention: 90


The run_on action is the main command supported by the Zeek Service. It can run in 1 of 2 modes:

  1. Run on a single PCAP file (referenced by artifact_id).
  2. Run on a set of PCAP files filtered by Source, Filter Expression and start/end times.



  "action": "run_on",
  "artifact_id": "1111-2222-3333",
  "source": "4444-5555-6666",
  "filter": "any=tcp port 80",
  "start": 1592312707,
  "end": 1592322707,
  "retention": 30

The retention parameter is the number of days the resulting Zeek logs should be retained in LimaCharlie.